Ben “reschultzed” Schultz

maker of things, public historian,
founder of

So far, my historical non-fiction works include:
 - JFK+60: live-tweeting the Kennedy assassination 60 years later (2023)
 - The End of the Town (2022)
 - One Million Years of McDonald’s (2021)
 - “They're Moving North”: Milwaukee, the Media, and the Murder of Barbara Anderson (2020)
but watch this space for upcoming projects!

Bluepages is a collaborative historical directory
of the world – like Wikipedia, but for ordinary places
whose histories are often overlooked.

My music under the name of Lumpp (2016–2019?)
can be found in its entirety on Bandcamp,
and the least copyright-infringing bits of it are on
YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Other past Internet adventures include the horrifying Instagram universe split across four accounts: @bentonvilleofficial, @presidentsdaily, @fayettevilleofficial, and @rivereastrecords;
and the Toy Skeleton Media Archive of obscure and often strange videos.

Some of these things have merchandise that you can buy on Spreadshirt, just in case you want to have my creations on your body in a way that will give me money.

You can find me socially at (currently the most active) on Bluesky (may be active soon?) (currently active) (occasionally active)
reschultzed on Discord (occasionally active) (occasionally active) (currently inactive) (currently inactive)
or just email me directly.

Last updated November 15, 2023